The Trump Administration’s most recent travel ban is a poorly disguised attempt at discriminating against Muslims and an assault on many of the civil rights Legal Voice and our allies fight for. Thousands of immigrants and refugees—who are just as much a part of the fabric of our society as people born in the United States—are now subject to a permanent policy built on xenophobia and unfounded fear; no citizens from the banned countries have been involved in a fatal terrorist attack in the past two decades.

Instead of implementing discriminatory policy that limits access to the United States, especially for those who are fleeing dangerous conditions in their home countries, the Trump Administration needs to prioritize the actual safety of all people in our communities through meeting basic living and health care standards. This is of particular need for women, who are disproportionately displaced by war and national crises, as well as disproportionately impacted by policies that tear families apart and perpetuate inequity. Nearly three-quarters of Syrian refugees and two-thirds of Somalian refugees who have entered the US in the past year are women and children.

Our society is neither safe nor fair when immigrants are targets of hate, xenophobia, and violence through the Trump Administration’s false narrative of fear and exclusion.

Legal Voice will continue to push for policies that support the dignity, respect, and humanity of all communities.

Photo by Masha George | Creative Commons
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