Legal Voice secures legal protections for women and families, but we know those rights have little impact if individuals do not know how to use them to advocate for themselves and their families. To help you better understand your rights and the legal system, we offer a variety of tools and resources, including free know-your-rights materials about several legal issues.

Some of our publications are available in Spanish, Chinese, and/or Russian. At this time, our publications are limited to Washington State law only.

Gender-based violence is prevalent in our society, so ending it is no simple task. That is why our work goes beyond holding perpetrators accountable and focuses on improving the law to help survivors get and stay safe. Survivors often face roadblocks to safety in housing, employment, campuses, emergency rooms—even in courtrooms. Through litigation, legislative advocacy, and community education, we work tirelessly to eliminate those barriers and ensure survivors have access to safety and protections for themselves and their children.

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          Free Resources from Legal Voice

          Abortion Information and Resources – July 2022

          Abortion Support and Referrals:

          Clinics in Washington State:

          Abortion Funding and Insurance Information:

          Legal Information and Help:


          Beware Crisis Pregnancy Centers:

          Undocumented People:


          Below are resources about your rights as an employee and fostering your economic security. 

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          Below are resources about family law issues, including divorce, custody and child support.

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          Below are resources to help you navigate court procedures and the legal system.

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          Handbook for Washington Seniors

          Handbook for Washington Seniors: Legal Rights and Resources is a comprehensive quick-reference guide on the full range of legal issues facing Washington seniors.

          We know the first edition has been an invaluable resource for Washington seniors and their families, and we are thrilled to offer a thoroughly updated second edition, available in English and Spanish.

          Handbook for Washington Seniors: Legal Rights & Resources (2016, 2nd Edition) is available:

          Online: View or download the PDF

          Print: Order a spiral-bound book for $20 (shipping included)

          Below are free resources about wills, estate planning, and death.

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          As the COVID-19 pandemic upends our lives and local economies, Legal Voice remains committed now more than ever to protecting and advancing gender equity and racial justice. The pandemic has exacerbated inequities in our health care, economic, educational, and social structures, highlighting the intersecting systems of oppression that leave the most vulnerable in our communities at greater risk and hardship.

          Women of color, immigrants, LGBTQ and low-wage workers are on the front lines, often at huge personal and professional costs to themselves and their families. Moreover, racial discrimination and harassment have resurfaced against AAPI communities, while national and local groups stand together to push back against xenophobic and dangerous rhetoric.

          On this page, we pulled together a comprehensive list of resources and advocacy efforts to support each other and our communities as we navigate these uncertain and challenging times together. We will continue to update this list in the coming weeks.

          Legal Voice continues to ensure that people have access to the full range of reproductive health care services, including abortion care, and that they have the autonomy to decide when, whether, and how to form families and how they will consent to medical care.  

          Gender-Based Violence:

          As states and cities are forced to stay-at-home, domestic violence is on the rise. We are working to ensure now more than ever that the legal system is responsive to the needs of survivors.

          ​Helplines and Support Programs, Regional and National:

          Economic Justice:

          Women, women of color, and immigrant women are disproportionately employed in low-wage industries as a result of systemic racism and structural barriers. During this pandemic, we are working in partnership to ensure that workers have access to safety-net programs to support themselves and their families, regardless of their immigration status.

          LGBTQ Communities:

          LGBTQ people are particularly impacted by COVID-19 because many are concentrated in high-risk industries and/or have underlying health conditions that make them particularly vulnerable. Legal Voice will continue to collaborate with trans-led and LGBTQ-led organizations to ensure that support programs and resources reach all communities.

          Racial Discrimination, Racial Disparities, and Community Power:

          Racist rhetoric surrounding the global pandemic has led to scapegoating and even violence against the AAPI community and communities of color. Legal Voice continues to stand in solidarity with local and national community partners to track incidents of discrimination, uplift stories of community resilience, and capture better data.

          Additional Resources:

          Recursos en español: