Last week, the Trump Administration made it easier for your employer to make reproductive decisions for you. The Administration expanded the exemption to the Affordable Care Act’s birth control mandate so that an even broader range of employers can stop offering contraceptive coverage in their health insurance plans if they have religious – or the more general “moral” – objections to birth control.

This latest attack on our health care rights is devastating and totally unscientific. It also violates our constitutional rights to equality and to be free to live our own values and beliefs. While we all gear up to fight this latest attack, you should know that you still have rights to have your birth control covered.

Legal Voice and the ACLU of Washington want to protect those rights. If you have been denied birth control coverage, or if you think you might be denied now that the Trump Administration has acted, we want to hear from you.

The only person who should make your reproductive decisions is you. Not your employer, not your insurance provider, and not this Administration.

We’ll never stop defending your right to make your own reproductive decisions, and to have the support you need in making those decisions a reality.