This is big.

President Donald Trump is expected to sign a sweeping Executive Order tomorrow that would allow people and organizations claiming religious objections to discriminate against women, LGBTQ people, and religious minorities. And if it looks like what we expect, we’re going to fight it.

That’s right. We’re gearing up to sue the Trump Administration.

Legal Voice has long been a leader in demanding equality in health care, employment, and public accommodations, and in fighting the use of religion to discriminate against both LGBTQ people and women. This order threatens so much of what we stand for—and we won’t stand still while it happens. We’ve been working behind the scenes with the ACLU of Washington and Perkins Coie to prepare for action.

And if this order is signed, we’re going to defend your rights.

While the Constitution protects an individual’s religious freedom, it does not give them a free pass to ignore laws that protect reproductive health care or prohibit discrimination. The impact of this order is chilling and potentially devastating, especially for women’s and LGBTQ people’s health, employment, and well-being.

We’ll need to act fast. And we’ll need you with us! Please invest in this critical case. Let’s do this.

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