We have exciting news! This morning The Alliance filed an amicus curiae brief in the United States Supreme Court in the marriage equality cases. As legal organizations based in a variety of states – all working toward social, economic, and legal equality for women and LGBT people – we have seen first-hand how the path toward the freedom to marry has differed drastically depending on where couples live.

Our brief was written by cooperating counsel Katie O’Sullivan, David Perez, and Catherine Simonsen of Perkins Coie and Legal Voice’s own David Ward.

Ours will be one of many briefs the Court receives, but it will be one of the very few briefs that reflect decades of on-the-ground advocacy for the rights of all families to enjoy legal protection and recognition and that encompass stories from vastly different parts of the country. We are proud of our experience, and grateful to have the opportunity to use the strength of The Alliance to put the needs of real people, facing real challenges, before the Court.


Read the brief

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