Today, Legal Voice joined the National Abortion Federation, the Center for American Progress, and 84 other pro-choice organizations in signing a letter to President Obama urging him to remove restrictions on abortion services and coverage in his budget for the 2016 fiscal year.

The letter specifically requests that the budget not include the Hyde Amendment, a rider law that has been included in every annual budget since its inception in 1976. The Hyde Amendment prohibits abortion coverage through Medicaid, while similar restrictions affect women who receive federally sponsored healthcare through their federal jobs, or through programs such as Medicare, the Veteran’s Administration, and the Peace Corps.

In September, we worked with the Seattle City Council to pass a resolution supporting the repeal of all bans on public insurance coverage of abortion.

Withholding coverage for abortion care creates profound hardships for millions of women and families, particularly for those who already face significant barriers to receiving high-quality health care, such as low-income women, immigrant women, young women, and women of color. We hope President Obama will take a stand with us in believing every woman should be able to access safe, affordable abortion services regardless of her income, zip code, or source of insurance.


Read the letter to President Obama