For two years, Legal Voice has advocated for Rachelle Black, a mother of three who filed for divorce from her husband after realizing that she is a lesbian. The court in her divorce case not only gave primary custody of the children to the father—despite the fact that Rachelle had been a stay-at-home parent for her children’s entire lives—but it also restricted her from discussing religion, homosexuality, or “other alternative lifestyle concepts” with her children. She couldn’t even bring her partner around her kids without approval from their therapist.

In reaching this decision, the trial court expressed its view that it would be “very challenging” for the children “to reconcile their religious upbringing with the changes occurring within their family over issues involving marriage and [divorce], as well as homosexuality.”

We simply couldn’t allow those rulings to stand. We represented Rachelle in her appeal, and won on several important issues—including overturning the blatantly unconstitutional restrictions on Rachelle’s speech and conduct.

We celebrated that win, but we aren’t stopping there. We believe Rachelle was wrongly disfavored by the court in the custody decision because of who she loves. Again—we can’t let that stand.

So we’re heading to the Washington Supreme Court. The Court will hear Rachelle’s case as early as November, and we’ll be right beside her.

Rachelle has been so strong in this fight, especially since she and her children continue to miss out on important time with each other. But she isn’t giving up hope. And neither are we.