You can see it happening: abortion being increasingly stigmatized, made unaffordable, and pushed out of reach. Many women are left without adequate options. And what’s worse, they’re being wrongfully prosecuted for using one of the few options they have left: self-administering a medication abortion.

At least 17 people have been arrested or prosecuted for allegedly inducing their own abortions, and there are countless others who have faced prison time for their birth outcomes, even when the pregnancy loss was not intended.

No woman should ever fear arrest or jail for her birth outcome; as a member of the Self-Induced Abortion (SIA) Legal Team, we’re working to ensure that no woman has to. By expanding access to reliable information about safely ending one’s pregnancy—and developing innovative ways to fight the criminalization of women who self-induce abortions—the SIA Legal Team is charting a course for more women who need abortions to get what they need.

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