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Title IX and other laws that protect gender equity in education are known best for protecting the right to play sports. But these laws also protect girls and women from discrimination in all aspects of education. Legal Voice strives to make sure these laws are enforced, from protecting girls from sexual harassment in schools to making sure that pregnant teens receive the education to which they are entitled.

Current Action

  • Investigating cases involving sexual assault and harassment on college campuses. Contact us if you believe your college or university did not take your allegations seriously or otherwise put you in harm's way.
  • Supporting legislation to enhance anti-harassment strategies in public schools.  See proposed Washington legislation here:
    Enhancing anti-harassment strategies in public schools


Despite women's outstanding athletic abilities and girls' desire to play, young women have historically been denied the same opportunities to play sports given to young men. Laws like Title IX helped change all that. And Legal Voice was at the forefront. We brought one of the first and most important cases involving the rights of Washington women athletes and continue to work for your right to play.

Current Action

Women's rights. Nothing less.



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